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Music and the Visual Arts is a marriage that I consider essential and unavoidable in my films...That's why Artists and Galleries are drown to work with me.

I take this Art to a different level. I think all great Artists should have the right Music to showcase and better express their Art. Music is a vehicle to convey their Art form whether is a Painting, a Sculpture, or any kind of Visual Art.
I have developed these Artist Profile Films over the course of many years and with a throughout study of the effect of Music coupled with the Visual Arts.
My approach is completely different.
When I work with a new Artist/Gallery, I study their Art, I envision the energy and message hidden in their Art. Then, I go  back to my studio and I compose the Music to express that.
By combining camera motion, angle, focus, music, and rhythm, I create unique pieces of Art that blend in with the Artist or Gallery Styles.
It is a very tight marriage between their creative mind and mine.
The purpose of this deep study of the relationship between Visual Arts and Music is to deliver a Film that triggers deep emotions in the viewer and at the same time makes the Art "talk". We all fall in love with a particular piece of Art, but often we can not explain why.
That's why my music is composed to fit that gap.

In very simple words: Showcase Your ART through ART

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