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Carlo Zanella's (IMDB) passion for Music and Film started at an early age. When he was 7 he started playing piano, and soon afterward joined the Conservatory of Music C. Pollini, in Italy. After graduating with the diploma in piano, he started his own business opening a recording studio where he worked as a Music Producer/Composer and Sound Engineer until 1994. Also at this time, he began experimenting with Photography, Cinematography, and Editing.
Later that year, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he continued with his Film and Music Production career. In the summer of that year he produced several short format TV shows for an Italian Broadcast Network. He continued with his Film and Music Productions until 1998. Then later that year, he launched DHP Multimedia, to pursue his passion for Film and Music Productions.

He is currently the creative force that drives DHP Multimedia. He is involved with all phases of the production process -- from Writing, Filming, Editing, to Soundtrack Composition. He enjoys both the creative and technical aspects of production and is not afraid to tackle any challenge. He is also still involved with studying classical pieces for the piano, as well as composing original scores.
His Music Credits have included both Film and Television, and have broadened further to include commercials, documentaries, and web productions.
His Film Credits include the Feature Film “The Phoenix Rises”, 2012) “New Methico”, 2013, a long series of
award winning TV commercials for the Rail Runner Express, and lately the production of several TV spots for the Department of Health of New Mexico, USA.
His work philosophy has always been one of professional conduct and meticulous care for the details, no matter how big or small the project. He enjoys nature and constantly follows a green method of production.  He also enjoys travel and photography, and he is fluent in Italian language.

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